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Anger by Thich Nhat Hahn

We have to be very careful with our perceptions, otherwise we will suffer. It is very helpful to write on a piece of paper, "Are you sure?" and hang it up in your room. In the medical clinics and hospitals, they are beginning to hang up these kinds of signs: "Even if you are sure, check again." It is a caution that if a disease is not dectected early, then it will be very difficult to heal. The medical doctors are not thinking in terms of mental formations. They are thinking in terms of a hidden disease. But we can also make use of this slogan - "Even if you are sure, check again" we have made ourselves suffer, we made a hell for ourselves and our beloved ones because of our perceptions. Are you sure of your perception? When you are angry and you suffer, please go back and inspect very deeply the content, the nature of your perceptions. If you are capable of removing the wrong perception, peace, happiness will be restored in you, and you will be able to love the other person again.

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