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Annette Beck-Sickinger Racist German professor


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Subject: Annette Beck-Sickinger

Hello Ms. Beate A. Schücking,

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I was highly amused by the article about your University's professor : Annette Beck-Sickinger. So she refused an Indian male student an opportunity to study because of where he is from, and then she goes on to state all Indians are not welcome. Thats fascinating.

I am an Indian American, and my ancestral roots are from India. I own 2 companies one in Los Angeles, one in Lithuania, and also work as a Vice president of a US medical device company, and my designs save lives. This last week alone, we have had at least 2 cases wherein our products saved two babies from death with timely warnings. My father is a retired Navy officer, and my grand father was a math teacher / freedom fighter. I assure you none of us have ever raped anyone. I can also say quite confidently, none of my extended family members of the masculine sex, have ever raped anyone. Neither do I know any one in the several decades of my life, of Indian ancestry, who has raped anyone. In

fact in the US, we Indians are considered "Ideal minority" because we don't commit any crimes, have the highest levels of education and our household income is about 33 to 40% (Depending on state) higher than Caucasian family incomes.

I had no idea that that a professor from your University, while replying in an official capacity can be this utterly out of touch with reality. And she speaks of other female professors in Germany who share the same opinion. I am assuming that they are from your University, and you could very well be one of them.

And who are Germans to judge people based on the collective action of some unscrupulous characters from their country? Need I remind you of your country's colorful past?

I am from the US, and a lot more people are raped in the US than in India. Thats a statistical fact, even when the US is significantly less populated than India. In fact, even overall Crime statistics in India are significantly lower.

Let me educate you on our perspective of German people in the US. Its not very nice. And trust me your people are not helping this image, with official emails like your University is sending out to children.

As a brown person, and a business owner, should I also consider Germans based on their "history" and not on their merit? Maybe I should terminate a few of my employees who have German names? Or maybe I should stop creating business and employment opportunities in Germany?

Did you people think the "Indian people" are just the cow herds and farmers that you see in National Geographic? Did you forget about people like me or other Indian people like the CEO of Microsoft, Pepsi, etc?

I expect you to terminate that professor, and issue a statement clarifying your University's stance about this issue.

You cannot take this matter lightly. I am in the EU, and there are laws against this kind of bad behavior in official correspondence. When Annette Beck-Sickinger wrote the 2 emails, she represented your University and it's thought process! And this cannot go unpunished!


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