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Ar Velin Avel - place like in fairy tale

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far far away there was a special place. This place was to find not far from the see, in a beautiful garden – green, silent, discreet. The garden’s proud were roses and trees. A place where you don’t want to be taken away…

The heart of the place was a wind mill. An old building, placed in this wonderful place, was ready to show off its mystery to everyone who felt drawn to it.

And there were visitor coming, curious but impressed and charmed by the place. All they wished for to escape the reality was fulfilled. The hostess made them feel at home and enjoy the place.

And they did as everything was perfect – rooms, environment, the service and meals.

You surely ask yourself why I am writing this fairy tale. The reason is very simple: this place already exists. In Bretagne/France, at the Morlaix Bay, North coast of Finistère there is an old wind mill, dating back to Protected content . It is called Ar Velin Avel. It was renovate and rebuilt into guestrooms. The mill is placed in a big green garden and it has a beautiful rosarium, full of roses coming from Strasbourg.

Guests, who are coming there, are met by a great hospitality offering them all luxury they need and wish for. The owner of this place, Monica Velghe, has an unique philosophy: to meet the wishes of her guests. That is why she cooperates with two another companies from the sector: Petrossian in Paris and DA Prestige. Petrossian is delivering the finest food within 24 hours and DA Prestige is assuring the limousine service of Ar Velin Avel.

Ar Velin Avel is not a big place. But its 3 rooms and a suite are exceptionally equipped. They are the romantic room, the maritime room and the Asian room. And the suite, called Miller’s suite, give their guest an impression to live on the country side of Brittany. All the details there are following each theme and are completing the heart of the house. All is made with love and you can feel it.

Monica told me about a testimonial of one of her hosts: “Madame, étant chez vous, on est chez soi” (eng. Madam, in your house everyone feels at home). And this sentence is the core of Monica’s work. She meets every of her guest as special gift in her life and is treating him or her as someone special. The client is a king and is treated like that.

I will stop my exposé now as all these words are not capable to show you the special charm of this place. I only hope to have inspired your curiosity to check the site of the place: Protected content

Best regards,


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