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Are the West turning Syria into Afghanistan 2.0?


Recent developments in the political and military world of the West and their allies have pinpointed the following:

1.) Trump administration's effort to attenuate the conflict in the Korean Peninsula is intended to allow the U.S. to shift most of its Pacific forces to the Middle East and Syria in particular. Certainly Kim Jong Un has been marked as Gaddafi No. 2 and to be finished off in the future, and his days are therefore numbered.

2.) Trump administration often imposes new sanctions against Russia for short time intervals and then revoke them in order to show Putin how powerful the American sanctions are and to remind Putin that he had better soften himself like Kim Jong Un and stay out of Syria.

3.) A concerted effort by the West and their allies to provide the world with evidence and rationale for going to war against Iran, in the same line as their provision of evidence for attacking Saddam Hussein in Protected content . Israel has already presented evidence to show that Iran has an active nuclear weapons program.

4.) For the U.S., the end always justifies the mean. In Syria, the U.S. is co-opting the same kinds of Islamists who carried out the Protected content on New York City. Sergei Lavrov already said that the U.S. is creating local governments in Syria. In this case, Russia has shown the world that it is a consistent and persistent defender of secularism; whereas the Americans are an unprincipled nation that is cooperating with Islamists who attacked their NYC in Protected content , and the Americans therefore do not respect their 3,000 deaths from the Protected content .

Written by Fransiscus Winson on May 1, Protected content the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Turku,
Turku, Suomi-Finland

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