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Are we alone? what about Gliese 581 planet C

We have heard & fantasized about different alien races hiding in our neighborhood, now there are theoretical & practical possibilities of our race's extinction, that happened in past when dinosaur became extinct & will happen again. Even with all our expenditure over space program we hardly cover 3% of entire universe at a time.

So now the question is what if a comet or a neutron star is on a collision course with Earth, how long will it take for us to prepare ourselves for an eternal space journey ? where should we go.? how accurate will be all our data? studies suggest that currently the fastest vehicle created by mankind travels at 0.007% speed of light.

That most important part looking at the way mankind is divided into areas, religion, gender & politics, can we work as one nationality " Earth federation"?
one religion "humanity", one gender "human", & one political set up for survival. ?

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