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Are you subject to cultural stereotypes?

Hello everyone! I'm a design student in Milan, and I'm interested in developing a social media network for school aimed at breaking and disproving cultural stereotypes, but it requires just a tad of research. Since I'm a member of (and love) Internations, I thought this was the perfect community for conducting research.

Anyone who would like to help it would be greatly appreciated! We just have a few questions. You can answer any or all of them. I hope you'll like to participate, and I can keep you all posted on the project's progression.

Have a great day!

1. Where do you come from?
2. Where do you live?
3. Are you subject to cultural stereotypes in your everyday life (either positive or negative)?
4. Are you offended or amused by them?
5. Are they based in truth?
6. Would you like the opportunity to speak specifically to an audience that is insensitive to your culture? (online)
7. What would you say?

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