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ARGUABLY US govt created ISIS and the chaos today


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in chronogical manner this video describes how the gravest mistake of decades in US politics which is the war to topple iraq in search of non existent WMD that was the pretext to rob them of their oilfields (saddam was not even involved in 9/11??!! it was bin laden of afghanistan wasnt it??? it was just the bias and prejudice that got ppl to jumble up these extremist groups as one, to dire consequences!!)

1.After US forces toppled saddam , they left a power vacuum and inspired many rebel groups to try seize power of them was ISIS though at then they dont have money dont have arms and cant even attract followers
3. with no success they turned to syria and became more active there syria active players are freesyrian armyand ISIS and al qaeda against president assad but even then ISIS were barely making it big till in june Protected content general of freesyrian army made a plea in al-jazeera saying that if they do not receive international assitance they will lose the war to president assad within one month
5 helps then pour in from US and Israel and Saudi in forms of money arms and training to the freesyrian army but which largely end up in ISIS through whatever shady deals, maybe they like the name of Islamic state better but the fact is ISIS did become big and wealthy after that, marching into Iraq in grand scale and captured a few regions which happens to have massive leftover belongings of US army like dozens of humvees and antitank weaponries!!
6. they began to get wealthier by selling oil to turkey to the tune of 2 million USD per day!!
7.US response to this was strangely to destroy the oilfields which makes no sense!! why dont they interfere thtrough the banks or capture the terrorists or their accountants?? why destroy more infrastructures? you left them no choice now???
8 within a short time , these rebel groups will beget anti aircraft missiles from saudis who got them from china (so that its disputable afterwards)

so voila shall we clap and thank US govenrment for ISIS then??
and oh btw the so-called WMD allegations is certainly interesting because supposedly the US govt are the one who gave Iraq WMD to fight iran so yea phewww a major clusterfuck this is!

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