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atacked by russian while off of grid expedition


After the atack of the night between Protected content
I came to russia to explore on spirtual archeology, visit off the grid communities and share with the ones interested about Prime tech. To find wonderful people nature and language. WHile a jelouse man, planned to atack me, as related to my best friend and assistant Irina Zygenhagel. Protected content so he did at midnight entered my cabine.

so far, i find my self ok.
This man is self very perturbated.
He beliefs that if he kills me will get my power for himself and become king of russia

While we were organized a seminar, he did call many people creating a very bad uncomfortable atmosphere. After the night of his atack, the day after we had plan a session of the seminar. No one will comes. So i decided to dont teach a community which has so much fear of a being like this one.

Along the atack, i invited him several times for sitting in peace and communication, later on to leave the space in peace. while he was only doubting weather he could hit me or not. While i activated my field he went afraid and became more agressive.

Where this belief come from? that this man belief he is my double and by killing me would become king of russia? where this idea of a double and of a king comes from? who supported it? how my arrival to Russia changed for this man and his circle their future? if i wouldnt come to russia would they still belief the same, would they look for me around the world? How big is the circle of people believing in this ideas?

More we will discover soon. At the moment i find my self in safety. And will be back to this community soon, while also travel in russia.

Im prime self union


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