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Australians be aware

The Australian government refuses to pay the Old Age Pension to citizens that do not reside in Australia, only those that live in countries that have an agreement with Australia seem to be entitled to receive it.
If anyone decides to live anywhere else at retirement, (as in my case after having spent 40 years in the country) practically is labeled a second class citizen, and refused the pension.
The question of residency is nothing but a LOOPHOLE that government chooses to use to deny basic rights, and to money pinch the elderly.
Any developed civilized and democratic country, pays its old citizen the pension where ever they choose to live.
Why must Australia re define this rule, when continually itself proclaims to the world, quote “In Australia the underdog has a fair go" unquote, needs to prove that this it’s not a fairy tale , but a true believe imbedded in any Australian heart, mind and soul.
Thousands of Australians are been denied the OAP simply because they choose to live overseas; the residency act should be axed, or equalized. All pensioners, Either both or neither should have the same advantage or disadvantage.
The Australian government must act and take decisive action to rectify this problem, If democracy does not prevail in this matter, then it is true as one said:
Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for lunch

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