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Avoid using "Alitalia" and all that comes from it

Today departing to Paris (city where I moved today), I think I had the biggest nightmare I have never had after several years of travelling and started when I arrived to Fiumicino Airport in Rome, thanks to the incompetents and rude employees from Alitalia company. I don't understand why Air France (which is a very good company, upon my opinion), put at the check in counter,the incompetents employees from Alitalia, to assist the clients. Today I had a big problem with a piece of luggage (I was practically going to loose my flight because of it) I had to dispatch and I felt treated dreadfully and abandoned by the employee (the monster) who assisted me at check in. She didn't even care that I was alone, caring 77 Kg of luggage by myself. Horrible experience! I don't desire to anyone to pass for the same situation I passed today if you are travelling alone. I will be very happy if Alitalia goes on bankruptcy, and fires everybody! Sorry to be so hard but I am really indignated! And it is not the first time a have problems with Alitalia employees. They must learn to much about how to treat correctly a client, specially if the person is in trouble. I left Italy with a very very bad remember! Not nice at all!

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