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Barcelona Guidance for Future Expats

My fiancee, Carolina, and I are considering a move to Barcelona about March of Protected content . I am a US citizen and she is Venezolana. I am learning Spanish, her first language is Spanish but she is fluent in English.

What are some things to consider when setting up a "life" in Barcelona, for 3 months, or 2 years?

Ideally we would like to settle there from Protected content and get married there... but of course this is not as easy as having an idea and doing it. First, if we wish to stay longer than 90 days we will need some form of a resident VISA Protected content goes for the whole group of Schengen countries (most of the European countries we would want to live in). There is a 90 day limit in any 6 month period for the group as a whole.


Suggestions for neighborhoods in which to live... we appreciate neighborhoods that are safe & secure with access to public transportation, cafes, beautiful walking streets, museums, galleries, grocery stores, etc... basically a nice place, not luxurious, with a blend of residential, cultural and commercial offerings.

The Gothic District has been recommended... also, a neighborhood close to this district but I cannot remember the name, hmmm.

Is it recommended to set up a bank account in Spain, or to continue operating out of my account in New York?

This is potentially a broad question but we will have to earn a living, this is for sure. I have my own business, Protected content , MDE Photography, but Carolina and I both may also need to work. If anyone has experience to share specific to Barcelona (or Spain in general) and achieving this objective, please share your methods.

Any suggestions that could help us accomplish this goal so that we may fulfill our ambition to live and get to know Barcelona for a long period of time would be welcome.

I am having a difficult time understanding whether it is possible for foreigners to get married in Barcelona without a Resident VISA... I have found that the Civil Registro's decision on this matter is not consistent from region to region in Spain and since this is one of the most important reasons for our travel plans we don't want to land in a place to find out we cannot get legally married.

Thank you for any suggestions, advice, information, or personal tales of experience that you may provide!

Michael y Carolina

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