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Best Stories: 2 plan or not 2 plan? What happened?


Is it better to Plan your holidays - or to be Spontaneous?

What countries are best for just driving around seeing what you will find, and in which countries should you plan every detail?

Where is it crucial to book your hotel ahead of time - and where is it easier to turn up and negotiate a special room rate? Is it more pleasant knowing where you will be - or more relaxing knowing the world is your oyster?

What are the BEST places for quaint Bed and Breakfast places - can you Stumble upon them? Or are the best ones taken by the time you get there?

How do you and your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/friend decide on your trip? Is it best to let one choose, or do it together?

Do you have an interesting Travel Story about the planning or the just turning up? What did you find?

Inspire us, warn us, or just blow off some steam. Come on, did that Really happen? Any funny, outrageous experience that makes you want to PlanLikeCrazy next time? Or that makes you never want to plan ever again, and GoWithTheFlow from now on?

What is the ONE thing you can't leave home without?
The one person you have to call?

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