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Beware of Costly China Internship Scams

Dear friends,

My sister is a veteran member of InterNations and I signed on to warn you all that she and others are being solicited for a very believable China Internship scam from a Beijing company that offer's great-paying jobs with famous MNC companies IF you are willing to do an 60 or 90 day internship with them, supposedly to prove you are competent and reliable. It all makes a lot of sense and the carrot on the end of the stick is a $60,000 job waiting for you!

Don't believe it - its all an elaborate scam complete with fake reviews, paid shill testimonials and beautiful websites. They will contact you by Skype, PM, emails, or target you with Google adwords. At least two of them are targeting InterNation members.

Here are five ways to spot and avoid them: Protected content

China is a great and fun place to visit and work, but remember, we foreigners are always targets of many scams and you need to be alert. I thank Internations for providing this forum so we can network and warn one another about stuff like this.

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