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Biggest Change & Challenge of US Foreign Policy

What do you think is the biggest change that will come about for US foreign policy in the next 20 years, and what is the biggest challenge?

Ok, so I will start, feel free to disagree. Offer analyses of the peaks and nadirs of past policy, and suggestions for a better US Foreign Policy.

Just to start, ok?

Although projected US foreign policy at this time includes an emphasis on Asia as the biggest growth economy of the next 20 years, somehow, it doesn't seem that any new respect has been accorded. This is the greatest challenge. The US is still acting on unilateral imperialist instincts, and although American rhetoric espouses cultural appreciation, actual policies do not show true understanding. On military, economic, and social levels, Asians still feel the former roles are still in play, with only one side making the rules, and controlling the resources. 

To meet expectations of its hegemonic role, the US must also never forget that its own human rights abuses sets the tone for the level of behaviour it can promote abroad. As Africa and South America begin to steady their socioeconomic train, they will look to how Asian-US relationship pans out. And they will shape their own foreign relations with the USA accordingly. Because Europe is regrouping and Russia is now embarking on an inner reform independent of former close relations with them, the US must act now to solidify their leading role, and they must do so sincerely. So the biggest challenge is to show that the US is willing to act global, while it is globalising.
The greatest change to US foreign policy in the next 20 years will be the shift in focus towards Asia. Although the policies do not seem to have evolved yet, because of the different cultural values (connections and firefighting vs, idealist imperatives). But I believe that there will be more emphasis on SocioSpiritual solutions in future, at first on a superficial, media level, and eventually on a deeper core values level. This will revert to long term solutions and policies within domestic USA, also. Asian values will thus eventually integrate into outward bound foreign policy. There will be more Asian content in media, and in leadership models, And this will be the base of a new world peace.

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