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Bloody mexican war...


Do you think that by letting know others in other parts of the world of the war Mexico is actually undergoing and suffering, would it help to make a difference? I mean drawing attention to this conflict?

Probably not, there are conflicts everywhere, Iraq, Afgahnistan, Congo, Iran, etc, etc. Which have much more economical importance to the goverments involved.

The fact is that Mexico is suffering an intern war, not a civil war, but still a war, and a war in which money and revenue from drugs is so big, it can be controlled.

This war has already left approximately 10,000 or more dead people in the last 2 years. Why?.............Drugs and Corruption.

It can be a very complex thema to explain and clarify through a forum.
But I the NY Times had a pretty good coverage of it, as well as El Universal ( Protected content ) . Though the coverage from the NY Times has slowed , I guess their reporters are now afraid for their lifes, since they have not published as much as before in the latest months.

This war has created a miriad of other security problems, just 2 examples:
This Drug war has created fear in Mexico, a lot of fear. Most of the killings are to related to members of drug cartels.

But now other organizations have erupted, probably migrated from Mexico City (the biggest kidnapping industry in the world) to other cities and states in Mexico, now people who were not used to such insecurity have to put up with the fear of kidnappers who are taking advantage of the war to act without problems where 2 years ago not a single person would have the fear of kidnappings.

Drug War, Kidnappings, and the new sicilian type modus operandi in Mexico.

As for me, I can only say......... I'm deeply ashamed and sadened of my own country, not from the people, but the arcaic organizations and structures. And most importantly I´m extremely worried because family and friends back home, have to put with it everyday.

It is very important to make clear that this thread is to inform and even perhaps attract international attention to it. None of the comments posted here, links, articles or opinions are intended to offend, attack or point any guilt.

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