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Bosnian Apprenticeship- conference June/July 2009-- just arrived back from there...

I have been working in Bosnia for the past ten years for trauma treatment. I just arrived back from Bosnia two days ago on my way back from Africa.

The Bosnian landscape and the culture is so entralling that I will conduct an apprenticeship there next year. I have done many other tours to Malta, Orkney Island and Carnac to name a few. Protected content

It is the round dance called the kolo, along with their musicology accompained by their food which is so organic and with taste that we have lost touch with, that will be on this apprenticeship. The funds will help the women war and war crimes survivors.

Bosnia is slowly recovering-- still the impact has only set up an environment where the destruction of the environment is much slower than in western countries.

this time I was on Mt Vlasic-- it snowed one morning and the women know their herbs and mushrooms which were delicious....

I had a terrible time with Lufthansa-- their fault... their connections are way too short .. missed my flight back to Seattle- it was harrowing,


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