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Brazil`s history, protests and world cup


I have been living in Brazil since 3 months ago; it is a beautiful place, full of energy and fantastic people.

Since the last week we have seen some protests started in Sao Paulo and escalating to all over the country.

With investments for more than a USD100billion among the Confederations Cup, The World Cup and the Olympics; the people have realized that all that money could be used in better ways rather to put it into those events.

Therefore, the protests started for an increase of Reais20cent in the transport fare, then after, they begun to demand for better education, better health care system, better transportation system, less corruption and of course better security.

The protests had taken place on Thursday 20th of June throughout the country and it had not been seen something like it since 21years ago and it likely it will take larger momentum in the coming days.

It is history for Brazil and its people, but could it eventually reach a point where the world´s largest events may get cancelled?

From my point of view, the demands from the population make totally sense. However, we should be considering the money coming in after those two major events.

In any case, Brazil should do what it is better for its people.


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