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Brazil visa - Indian national during world cup


I'm trying to reach out to fellow members that may be able to share any tips re: Indian nationals applying for a tourist visa during the world cup.

Long story short - I'm trying to organize a week long trip that includes a friend flying in from India to join me in Rio or Recife/Natal (depending on where we get tickets).

The first issue is that due to tickets demand, it's likely we may not be able to procure tickets. The second issue is that my friend doesn't have a secondary education nor a professional employment background.

In the event that we don't get tickets, I was wondering how stringent the regulations are for my friend to still be able to obtain a visa.

In the event we are lucky to get tickets, my assumption is there will not be a problem as he was able to join me on a trip to South Africa for the last world cup by producing an official match ticket. It was still a bit of struggle and gave us the impression that there was no way he would have got the visa without it. Hence the question.

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