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Buggy Ride Through History - Time to "Fess Up"


So, what if we, as a GLOBAL nation...all citizens of the world...asked for apologies for past wrong doings to our individual nations....ONCE....then can we move on to creating a path of unity?

Which countries of the world committed atrocities? Let's not leave out any?
What particular event occurred that makes you want them to offer an apology?

State the event.

What about religious atrocities?
a) The Christians did and to whom?
b) The Muslims did and to whom?
c) The Jews did and to whom?

What about the species?
a) man done to woman over time?
b) woman done to man over time?

NOW LET'S SPILL ALL OUR GUTS OF ANGER AND maybe even hate?. We'll give each other permission to spill it all without holding back...just once.... be free to make the statement of the atrocity and ask for an apology. Just lay it outside of your mind...lay it on the table...leave space for new thoughts...

Then what next? Let's play it by ear and see how all the above makes us feel individually and as a group.

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