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Calling all Palestinians…

I’m looking to obtain a clear and concise understanding of both the past and current situation between Israel and Palestine. I recently took part in the Boston Palestine Film Festival and one of the movies really resonated with me: The Salt of This Sea, since watching this film I’ve found myself on an internal crusade to seek a deeper understanding of the situation. Of course I’m aware of the scope of things from a macro level, based on the data circulated via media, books and the ever-lying government.

However, what I’m seeking is to gain a more intimate knowledge of the situation, which can only be told through the voices of the people of the land. If you don’t mind sharing please fee free to enlighten. As a black Jamaican, British subject and now US citizen pain, suffering and discrimination are very common to me. But I choose to greet them with a smile and let kindness be my sword. I hope my request is not too forward, just merely seeking answers before forming my own opinion on the subject.

Ps. if you rather not post your thoughts on internations, my personal email is Protected content

Thank you in advance for your consideration,

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