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Can innovation be a way of life?

Often, we look in wonderment or appreciate startling innovations. We analyze and debate on its methods and tools. We attend seminars and workshops to hone our skills to innovate.

In all these, there is an elitist tag to innovation, and as such, it is associated to institutes, B-schools, R&D centers, business seminars, business networks and such.

But can innovation be just a way of life?

Let’s look at those who innovate, naturally, in the course of their job. More often than not it is the carpenter, the visual and performing artists, the writer.

Hold on, there are more. The burglar, the con-man.

Even more – those who have to innovate everyday - the juggler, a young mother….

Surprising, that we do not usually associate them (those mentioned above) with innovation. For, they innovate naturally, just as a way of life.

Have we, in a way, imprisoned innovation?


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