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Can trees save the world ?

Trees & plants bring oxygen, filter the air, protect the soils, the animals & insects & original human tribes that live under cover !
They protect the humans from the burning sun rays, from desertification and from coasts being eaten by the mounting oceans...
Bonsais are the love of nature shown by 'bonsai masters' who want to gather some of the humanity beauties in a single tree...
You may adopt a bonsai for €29 to €209, €950 or €19, Protected content forest) from M. Salles, a european 'bonsai master' trained in Japan & China.

He has no more than Protected content unique pieces (his 25 years entire collection)to sell. No more !

All profits from this operation will go to AKAMASOA (the reliable friends) in Madagascar to create new schools, kids restauration and plant 10,000 new trees each year !

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