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Can we stop technology from killing jobs?

Will technology kill jobs – and make us all unemployed at the end?

Technology has permeated every aspect of the economy, and the trend doesn't seem to abate. The Internet has eliminated a lot of jobs, and will force more job cuts in the future, with the so-called “Internet of Things.” Don’t even mention robots and other sophisticated machines doing more and more of the work humans used to do. Now you have apps for everything, from ordering pizza to checking your heart rate. You can work from home, find a mate online…and even start a war and launch drones from your couch. No need even to take a cab to go across town – Uber has you covered; just register and hop into a stranger’s car.

I love technology, but how do we make sure it serves us – and not the opposite? At the end, will there be jobs left for humans?

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