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Capitalist "exploitation", Ethical Questions

You're multi-talented, multi-lingual, multi-travelled, multi-many things. You also work for an international or multinational company or own one yourself. Your skills, talents and experiences impact the bottom line of your company and you know it. Your company is doing well because of, among many things, the good contributions you make.

Now, your company (like any company) pursues the best possible return at the least possible costs. In that pursuit it may conduct its business by means of unsustainable even inhumane practices, unsustainable for the local folks, of course.

In short, your company is doing well because other people are not.

How do you feel about it? Does working for a multinational company whose principal goal is to produce good, better and higher capital for owners and shareholders have any impact on your ethical ideals or principles?
At what point do you decide that your talents and contributions are helping in the "exploitation" of people?
Note: I don't intent to offend anyone or to pursue any political line, just strictly the ethical questions related to world market conditions.

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