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Caral the first city in the Americas - Enigma unresolved

To the north of Lima, in the Supe valley, lies the city of Caral, which dates from five thousand years ac It was discovered in Protected content the Peruvian archaeologist Ruth Shady that he realized that the hills were pyramids and buildings of an urban centre had been abandoned centuries. Dead from some 4,500 years, all memory of the first city in the continent had been lost, and not because they were small. With 65 hectares, six pyramids and two circular plazas, Caral proved to be the center of a network of 18 towns they occupied the entire valley. And a total of 30 places historically inhabited and is located in the era of primitive early. It is only comparable with Mesopotamia and Egypt. Currently being investigated, worked and visited by many tourists.
The world reacted archaeological amazed when Shady handed, Protected content , the first results of the radiocarbon dating of seniority with: Caral was born 2,600 years before Christ. As happens every time a fact of reality into question previously accepted belief, the existence of that city almost 5,000 years before the present day worries and provokes criticism: "The discovery of Caral defies the prevailing beliefs and some historians are unwilling to believe that an urban civilization existed in Peru, even before the pyramids were built in Egypt, "Shady said. .
In fact, Caral was already established before the lifting of the first Chinese cities. And their irrigation systems are also before the first cities in India.
Undoubtedly, though somewhat less spectacular scenes that Machu Picchu, Caral conceals mysteries much more exciting, like all the Civilization of Northern Peru.

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