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Cellphone Deals NYC - Help!

Hi, All -

Apologies for my debut thread being such a mundane one and likely one even a pea-brained hamster could answer in two seconds flat:

1. I have a landline/cellphone/internet bundle deal from Verizon in NYC. My cellphone contract ran out two years ago so it will not be cheating leave them, if need be.

2. I am moving October 1st and will not need internet/landline - only cell (really).

3. Anyone know the best cellphone deal around? Right now I have Protected content . per month for about $40. Likely this sounds quite pathetic. I barely use them but in the future may need more (no landline) when not using Skype.

4. I need:

a. A great deal
b. Someone willing to transfer my lovely landline Protected content over to new phone (this is a legal requirement, I believe).
c. Someone who will transfer all the numbers in my four year old LG cellphone into a new one - there are hundreds of them, probably because I am so fabulous and popular. Yes, that must be it.
d. Yes, yes, I will get a little headset - the idea of Bluetooth makes me queasy; it looks so dorky - esp. on guys - but I do appreciate the pesky risks of brain cancer.

Over to y'all.....and thankyou!

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