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Child Not Bride!

Raising my voice against the recent senate bill endorsing child(underage) marriage In Nigeria after one of the senators took a 13 year old as wife.

I support the ChildNotBride initiative.

Give the girl child a PEN not a P*NIS,

Education not Ejaculation,

Panadol not Postinor.

should be watching Fantastic Four nor having Fantastic F**K.

Ask for her Books,not her BOOBS!

Pay her School fees not her BRIDE PRICE!

She should be theoretically learning reproduction, not practicing it!

A toddler girl should be playing "dress up" with her friends not getting "undressed" by a PERVERT!

She should be dreaming of becoming a doctor not nightmares on a surgery to stitch her vagina!

She should be in the Classroom nor Labour-room!

If she's too young to vote in an Election, she's too young to take in his Erection!

Give a child real milk for strong and healthy life not SPERM!

If her age is on the clock,she's too young for the COCK!!!

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