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China: A Year of Anniversaries


According to officials in Beijing, Protected content a year of troublesome anniversaries: the 1st anniversary of the deadly earthquake (in which thousands of kids died of ill-built school buildings whilst government office buildings stood firmly on the ground), the 10th anniversary of persecution of peaceful Falun Gong meditation movement, the 20th anniversary of butchering students on Tiananmen Square, and the 50th anniversary of suppression in Tibet.

On the eve of June 4, Protected content , we may wish to review some of the old footage of the so-called "Tiananmen Square Incident" on Youtube and of course Youtube is blocked in China - you know why...

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Some 200,000 overseas Chinese students and visiting scholars were offered asylum as a result of the bloodshed - many of them still feel the old pain whilst some are a bit too quick to forget it.

Your thoughts are welcome...

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