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Codependency. What's on your mind?


Greetings All Good and Nice People,

As the title appear and I believe Everyone do understand the meaning and its cause, factor and how amazing this symptom, behaviour and genetical character did affected toward life todays.

I think too many misuse definition and I did observe too that codependent has actually were all of Us in our daily lifes. Thus, my purpose for this thread is to share another perspectives on "why codependency had happen".

At some phase of life, we are as social creature also need someone's interfere in our life or seek an outsiders as to earn somewhat attention. Whether we are admitted or not, sometimes we act as "pleasure" to please someone too.

Although the first term on why codependency being used as to defines couple's dependent on drugs/alcoholic, nowadays the meaning has been generalised too especially refers to someone's behaviour relates to their childhood nor their past's bad treatment at by family/friends/partners/society.

I think A Codependency not always a unhealthy psychological reliance of one person on another such being on such addicted, hooked, attached, interconnected, interdependent, mutually dependent, slavish trust, unhealthy confidence and etc.

It is more to "Obsessive Compulsionary Disorder (OCD)" which I think it is one of good "systematic" ways to be more on detail oriented nor discipline structurized for some Individual.

What about your opinion? I am look forward for all valued thoughts which always enlighten.

Thank you very much.


Maria Arrieta

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