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Confessions of An Economic Hit Man

Best selling author, John Perkins discusses his book and experience in a speech given to the Veterans For Peace National Convention, Seattle, WA in August Protected content .

He explains how the Corporatocracy uses three main methods of getting in a third world country where the natural resources are coveted by the big businesses. He is not a conspiracy theorist nor is what he was doing illegal.

See the videos to hear from an economic hitman's point of view, how for the first time ever in world history - the United States came to be so dominant by economical, and not military means.

Part Protected content and background to why we are at war in the Middle East.
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Part Protected content in Central and South America
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Part Protected content Corporatocracy and What to Do About it
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Perkins states that this is dangerous to democracy because it is hidden. He also offers the importance of getting women involved in leadership and political roles to provide balance. He states that the world and the United States is in a dire state because what is currently happening is unsustainable.

How can the individual make a difference in this current revolution that most people are not yet fully aware of?

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