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..."Live in the present moment - We always hear people say this and it sounds easy. In reality, most people are bouncing from past to future in a single bound never stopping at present to breathe and ask how am I now. Besides meditating, focusing on the heart and breathing deeply are some things that immediately bring one into that place. The more I focus on the heart, breathe deeply and low in t...he body, the more I am connecting to the present.
It is all an illusion, so make it a good one, a beautiful one!

In my life,...everything that comes across my path was created to help me see myself clearly and everyone (including the way I feel and think about things) that arrives is an actor in my Show to demonstrate to me what I believe myself to be. When I can change this illusion enough, where what is coming back to me is beautiful, I know I am in the right place.

Change the way you look at something and the whole thing will change. It is a shift in perspective and energy. When I change, inevitably everything around me changes too.

Look for the gift in every situation and appreciate that it is there. There is always a gift and when I shift perspective, I see it!

No one gets to define you. Only you define who you are ... by the way you think/feel about others. Others are only part of our illusion, actors in our Show. If you think people are a certain way or have specific characteristics, it is only happening to provide you with a reflection back to yourself as someone who needs to judge in this way.

Listen differently, like your life depends on it ... it does. Listen without thinking of how what someone is saying effects you. Listen with compassion, Listen to the spaces ... the things people do not say. Listen with the understanding that everything is a source of greater clarity about who you truly are being at that moment.

Forgive yourself and others, not because they really did anything wrong, because they are all part of your illusion.

Love unconditionally, starting with yourself. If you cannot love yourself unconditionally, you will never be able to do it with others including children and lovers.

Remember that we are all one, we are all connected." ~ Carla Picardi

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