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consensus on death and all its implications.


i know that this is a morbid topic but i want my fellow members to comment about your personal beliefs ( religious beliefs notwithstanding) on what happens to us when we die. The one certainty about life is that someday we shall die. If we were to come to an understanding of death that we can live with, then we truly shall have no fear of death. Many of us fear losing a loved one to death. In the same way , if we can reach some logical consensus , with all our ideas put together here , on what actually happens to us when we die , we shant fear losing loved ones to this seemingly most terrible happening, ie death of someone we love so much.
i believe that one should completely live life with no fear at all. And death ,except for the Yogis and spiritually advanced people ,is a fearsome prospect because there seems to be no clear knowledge about it and its implications. let us have an open minded discussion between us , right here. so that this one fear can once and for all time , be completely exorcised. thank you .
Anita Sharma

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