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CopyCats, My Best Compliment!

When your business model is being copied almost to the letter, it is the best form of flattery.
Three months ago, I released the beta version of my website, MyMilanGuide.Com which is meant to provide English Language information for the Expat community in and around Milan.

Staffed with volunteers and friends the site went from strength to strength covering the simple stuff, Paris Hilton, Spike Lee and a host of interesting Expats.

Then a few weeks ago, another site, named very similarly and patterned the same as mine.
In fact where ever i promote my site give it a few days and surely enough the copycat would pop up.

Even the press releases are the same.

How about you, do you have a similar experience?
Was your business model also copied?

I would not be suprised to see the copycat posting a similar thread.
But this is lovely.
It confirms my initial hypothesis, now i am sure that there are more than one "idiot" enough to start a business like this.:)

If Google's work is copied I guess I am in good company?

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