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Ciao Everybody,

Hi everybody, just wanted to ask anyone's opinion.

I work for a website that is part online magazine and part FREE classified ads section.
Anyone is invited to post ads for free provided that post should not be disrespectful with others.

any one can send an email with their ad and once screened it will be inserted on to the site.


what if the person who is posting is using the exact same ad(s) and was posted elsewhere and they never bothered to read the Terms and Conditions that has a exclusivity clause that prevents them in using the same ad from being posted elsewhere. Now, if they post these exclusive ads on my site. do i have any legal liability if the submitted ads where already comprimised by the one making the submission?

one analogy is when posting your CV, would that mean that i cannot post the same CV with the several hundred job sites?

any opinion appreciated and thanks in advance.

i already rang and informed my lawyer in this regard.

if any

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