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Couch Surfing


'Hi there! We are connected on (1st virtual network) - and from there, we connected on (2nd virtual network). As it happens, I am flying through (your hometown/Frankfurt) en route to (final destination), but the way the flights work out, I'm in town overnight. As it's just a fly through, I'm looking at 'couchsurfing' through (your hometown).

I know it may be a tall ask - but if you think I might be able to surf your couch/spare bed for a night, let me know. My Mom always aid "Never hurts to ask", though

Thanks so much for considering it!

Warm wishes,

End of quote.

Would you offer your couch for couch surfing at all ?
If yes, what would be your minimum requirements re. acquaintance/relationship ?

Did you 'couch surf' yourself and how did you go about it ?

Thoughts ?

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