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crisis in the world

dear friend
this problem iths global problem than we need global solution
he start in united state ok bot no country saved now
we need to cooperate specialy european peppole have a solution
realy because have real estrategy Protected content union Protected content peppole
our global problem come from the united state because evry thing thear its rong its conspiration
realy now its a time for the europe to take a controle of the economy un the worl
mr bush killed the american dream for ever
many many genocide in the world Protected content state Protected content in the world
from Protected content killed arround the world
now its a time to change
to peace
realy we need to do some thing to be return yours Protected content society Protected content
look no wat happen in ours society no family no love no peace
all thing its material in our live \
now its the time
all imperiality have a end
ottomans , romans ....... now Protected content
the best time to save the humanity
sorry for my english

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