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Crisis or Humanity Evolution as never before

The appearance of the new global - integral system of our total global interconnection has taken us by surprise, the system which seem to have its own laws which we do not choose but which we are not able to ignore anymore. All the systems, including the economic and social ones, are linked one to another, affect one another, and are affected by one another.
Many people argue that we should examine the financial system and correct it. But we need to understand that the whole of reality has changed; it has become global and integral, and this is what hinders our attempts to continue living by the current socioeconomic system.

We are still living in economic and social systems that are based on the relationships of our past. At the same time, we are discovering the interdependence among us, yet cannot understand it. We’re not even detecting its ALTRUISTIC nature. Here lies the problem: the crisis cannot be resolved in the old ways, since everything depends on the extent to which humanity moves toward bonding and mutual guarantee.
This is why egoistic relations do not work anymore. We must learn the qualities required of relationships in the new world. This will not only bring us into balance with the global-integral world, but will enable us to understand and welcome the changes that social and economic systems must undergo.The change is inevitable; it cannot be stopped, the more we deny it, the more we will experience the change as a crisis.

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