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Cultural Curiosities

Hello Community!

This is my first post so I thought I would share a bite from my soon-to-be-published guidebook. Love to hear about your odd cultural experiences.

From How To Make Big Moves...
"Arriving in a new place is complete sensory overload. Things that seemed so simple, suddenly require more mental bandwidth. You are going to feel overwhelmed.

Start by Googling the norms of the society you will be walking into. Packing useful insight on what to expect, and what not to do, in your back pocket you will absorb the shock (or hilarity) in advance. Beware of questionable intel. For example, I read on one site that Swedes are quite open about what goes on behind closed doors… bathroom doors that is. Although I have yet to come across an awkward exchange of this sort, I have fully enjoyed fika and Cinnamon Bun Day. Yes, on October 4 this sweet treat is celebrated in every corner of the country. A reason to try one for the first time, or the fifth.

Obviously doing business is a whole other ballgame and you want to be up on what is acceptable culture. In Italian business circles, for example, the double cheek kiss is seen as way too friendly. Go figure."

What cultural curiosities have you come across in a social or business context?

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