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Cultural differences & relationships: French Style

What are your experiences with the French cultural differences and relationships? Yah or Nay? Have you read her books, any comments?

Author Polly Platt wrote three books that were recommended as a way to understand French culture.

Love a la francaise
Savoir-Flair! Protected content for Enjoying France and the French
French or Foe?

An American, Polly moved there with her family in Protected content . She founded Culture Crossings and began giving cultural adaptation seminars for foreigners, executives from companies such as General Motors, 3M, Coca Cola, Microsoft and JP Morgan.

Author recommends the following as the Six Codes, including the Magic Words, for dealing with the French:

1. Don't smile!
2. Flirt!
3. Use the Ten Magic Words!
4. Add "Monsieur" or "Madame" after "bonjour," "au revoir," etc.
5. Shake hands!
6. Watch out at the door!

Humorous, intelligent, insightful, enlightening comments only, please!


From author’s website:

Polly Platt delves into the intimate lives of Anglo-Saxons who actually lived the dream, married French men and moved to Paris, to live in the city that celebrates women... Why do some American women in Paris fail, while others bloom and thrive?

International best-seller since Protected content , French or Foe? by Polly Platt - The all-time non-fiction best-seller in English at W.H.Smith and Brentano's in Paris, and ranked as the #1 book on French Culture on

• Required reading in global companies and at U. S. universities
• Acclaimed by American business families, tourists and exchange students
• Translated into French and into Japanese
• Over 200,000 copies in print, now in its third edition and 13th reprint.

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