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Culture Correctness, Insensitivity or Crash?


It really is difficult sometimes to row the boat to the otherside of the shore, without any misunderstanding.

I was invited last week to see a friend in London at one of his friend's homes. My friend was Jewish, but was not religious, and I met him and a Greek doctor with his family in Borehamwood.

Hungry I ordered sidx pazzas from Pizza Hut, three Chicken Supreme, and three Farmhouse (ham and pineapple).

We enjoyed a nice meal, and i met his friend only on departure, and my friend gave me feedback yesterday.

He hadn't realised that his friend kept Kosher, and we had eaten ham in his friend's home duhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

What is the best way to resolve the situation?

Have you been well-meaning, and then found you walked over the line, on not understanding a religious dogma?

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