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Cycle of Poverty (the sequel)

Recently a thread was locked by Internations QA on this topic and I think we could try again and do better in the sequel..

I was inspired by an interview I saw on a CBS news program Protected content with the founder of a very unique charity in New York City. His name is Paul Tudor Jones and he runs The Robin Hood Foundation.

His mission is to end the cycle of proverty in New York City using hard-nosed business metrics applied to philanthrophy. "Robin Hood" has given away 1.25 billion that's BILLION over 25 years and has learned from some mistakes.

Conclusion so far on ending the cycle of poverty is this....

Education is the key. But that's not all. Poverty Intervention must start VERY EARLY It must start from kindergarden they have learned. The Robin Hood Foundation is just this year graduating their first high school class from a charter school that started from kindergarden.

It has not been easy for the kids. One of the student's father was murdered on the street one block from the school and 2 of the students witnessed the murder.

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Unfortunately I could not find the whole 60 minutes interview. But this is a big time charity in New York City and it is the principles of ending proverty that could transcend continents, culture or government. But there is one thing it cannot overcome. Apathy.


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