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Death with dignity? Aid in dying!

My best friend’s mom is suffering from severe parkinson’s, and she told me about Booth Gardner’s campaign “death with dignity”.

It’s about this: they (Gardner and his people) want a law to offer aid in dying (by physicians) for people “whose suffering is unbearable, a standard that can seem no standard at all; a standard that prevails in the Netherlands, the Western nation that has been boldest about legalizing aid in dying; a standard that elevates subjective experience over objective appraisal and that could engage the government and the medical profession in the administration of widespread suicide. What is unbearable? What level of acute or chronic physical pain would qualify? What degree of disability? Would physicians be writing suicide prescriptions for the depressed?

If you don’t know Booth Gardner: he used to be governor for Washington state for a while, is now 71, suffering from parkinson’s and his last campaign is driven by his desire to kill himself. “I can’t see where anybody benefits by my hanging around.”

I think: Everyone should be able to determine if they want to end their lives.. especially when you have a really painful disease. I wouldn’t consider the Christian scenario of hell for suicides..

What does everyone else think about this?

Read an article about it here: Protected content

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