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Declaration of the Summit V - LA America, the Caribbean and the European Union (ALCUE)

Declaration of the Summit V americas America, the Caribbean and the European Union (ALCUE)

Protected content Senior Officials of the participating countries at the end of four plenary meetings, which began on the eve (Tuesday), left pending as regards bilateral negotiations with the EU maintains that the subregional blocs: the Andean Community of Nations (CAN) the Southern Common Market (Mercosur), the Central American Common Market (MCA) and the Caribbean Forum (Caribbean Forum).
Protected content transpired, officials kept in reserve the entire content of the document, would have emerged at this point some differences in how to achieve the respective partnerships as a common strategic objective.
Protected content dissenting, would have been linked to the European proposal to add joint forces to ensure respect by climate change, to which Brazil commented assuming that Europe contributes to deteriorate the environment for its industrialization process, while America has americas with forests that are "the lung of mankind," and this would require a greater effort of European nations.
Protected content statement named tentative "response together with the priorities of our peoples", envisages points political, economic, social and cultural commitments aimed at generating compliance.
Protected content overall agenda of the Summit V, covers two main themes: 1) Poverty, inequality and inclusion; 2) Sustainable Development, environment, climate change and energy.
Protected content would join, among others, cases linked to food security, social rights of migrants to Europe Latinos, against drug trafficking and organized crime, and a declaration on respect for territorial sovereignty, referring to diplomatic denouement between Colombia and Ecuador, then that last March 1 Colombian troops to enter Ecuadorian territory to attack a camp of the Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC), leaving a balance of 25 dead.
Protected content two days, representatives of 27 European governments and 33 Latin American governments settled their differences in height dialogue virtually ready to leave the text central document of the event.
Protected content was elevated to the conclave of foreign ministers for review and then on the table of dignitaries for the signing of the agreements.

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