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Dialog with Russians


Along my travels in Russia, i met several types of russians, some wise, others just power based warriors, i met mystics and also divine expressions of prime source. I met traces of a proto spiritual culture for most of the world forgotten. But i also met the future and the past.

This posts share the different type of dialogs i had with russians. I will post all kind of, from their extreme expressions of a proud culture to their most wise, delightful and refined spirituality.

As i have been sharing in the past, the knowledge of my family, is that one of a proto spiritual culture before of the modern and ancient proto vedic russian culture. There for i find in russia, land and culture which gathered and kept still alive most of the ancient knowledge and tradition, great resonance. saddly in nordic countries the traces of this knowledge have been erased, as well as in germanic countries and arabic ones. In the land of the asian tribes, of china, india and everest, the traces of our cultural origin are also kept in issolated pieces that do not represent the complete living knowledge of the true original culture.

ALong my travels i have found more than one sign of the history i refer to, and as well the reason and purpose of its existence. Which is actually the function and main purpose of my journey, its revival, protection and re-alignment with its original pure source.

So, here we are, DialogS with Russians.

DIALOG 1: Cultural arrogance, victory and defeat

RU(1): зачем человеку, владеющему мыслью, и знающему русский язык, изучать английский? Скоро весь мир будет изучать русский, и хорошо б сделать это заблаговременно… Поспешите об этом оповестить всех своих друзей, кто не знает русский. иначе в будущее можно не получить приглашение…

Odin Theta :

apparently you did not understand, i have been learning russsian, probably a russian language you yourself will never get to understand as you are too arrogant to perceive the subtil meanings that only heart beased consciousness and divine alignment can perceive. you are really thinking that your arrogant attitude will bring you somewhere in future ? yes, russian lanagueg and culture will be spreed in the whole world. i am myself collaborating with that purpose. why? maybe i know something you do not. but i can tell that the russian culture you think you know, is not what you have been learned it is. there is much more hidden to your eyes and heart, because one simple reason, you are not humble enough to your own origins, there for you fail. russian modern might conquer the world in few years, in many forms, but i can tell that this kind of victory will be your worst defeat, as you are unaware of the forces that are really behind your history and disrespectful of your true origins.

Why invite you learn english? well, very easy. for those russian curiouse about where about in te world the proto spiritual culture of the for fathers of russia also have been, actually blod of your own blood, your own spirtual brothers and sisters in the world… you might need to learn to communicate in other languages.

But apparently you are not only sttuburn, but also uncapable to see the limits of your own capacity and situation.

may be as you and others ones in russia blind like you wish. your vitory is a fact. i agree. but which kind of victory ?

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