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Do Muslims, Christians, Jews Worship The Same God?


How do these principles compare to the priniciples of Sikhism, Buddhism and Hinduism?.....................

The Holy Books for discussion: The Quran, The Holy Bible and The Torah.
The Hindu Holy Book - The Geeta,
Ever thought about this?.... Could this be a subject, that if we explore with sincerity, give us some real answers as to why some followers of any of the above three religions, find it difficult to close the divisions amongst us as a world community? And

Could it be that because of loyalty to a specific religion or God we are unable to offer equal rights to all on planet earth?

Could it be that religions itself are setup to maintain that division amongst people and if so why?

Is any one religion and its beliefs attempting to create superiority? yes/no ?

or, are we, using our religion to assert superiority amongst other human beings and going against the teachings of that particular Holly Book.

Let us make comparisons with these three religions and attempt to identify the core teachings of each, which can relate primarily how we interact with the rest of the world.

And when we have the core principles of the religions identified, what is the next steps to take in the name of world peace?

As you read this, if you think of any question we ought to include here for exploration let me know by posting and it can be added.

Let this be a thread for individual, personal DISCUSSIONS only. Certainly, short quotations to make a point are most acceptable.

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