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Why not stop the bickering and mud slinging for a few seconds and do something useful: put your money where your mouths are...

The iPeace Unisex T-shirt for the children of Gaza.

Beautifully designed by iPeace members Denise Jacobs and Christopher Stewart. Manufactured in a 'No Sweat' Palestinian factory in Bethlehem, West Bank.
Made from 100% organic cotton.

Cost: $ Protected content which a third ($6) will be donated to Mercy Corp's emergency humanitarian mission in Gaza.

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iPeace has been non-commercial from inception. We decided to make an exception for the children of Gaza. Buy a shirt and make a difference!

The T-shirts are produced at a sweatshop-free Palestinian owned factory on Virgin Mary Street in Bethlehem, West Bank. The workers are represented by the Palestinian Federation of Trade Unions.

Click to watch 'No Sweat' video clip.
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