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Do we really have Financial Crisis or Love crisis?

It's a wonderful thing to know that I'm a part of InterNations. I'm very new to Dubai and for about three months now. I'm trying to establish my network here since I'm into financial service. Have several clients now since I started working last November Protected content we all know what happened when the financial crisis went out of proportion globally. According to the survey conducted by some financial experts that the green shoots of recovery may happen towards the last quarter of the year or first quarter of Protected content . We are all in the same boat and we have a part to do. We all need to go back to basic and that is, "Love." If people will only learn to love, the "agape" way which will only seek the highest good in a person instead of greed then this crisis will end! Where do you think all the money has gone? I believe the money isn't gone. The elite, selfish and greedy has it. They want to control and dominate eventually the world economy which is no longer new because it already happened back there in the "Garden of Eden." After violating the standard of Love set by God, they plunged the whole human race into chaos of sin. Instead of serving, people wants to be served. Instead of giving, people always want to get. Let's go back to basic.... Love God and love your neighbor as you love yourself. More to share....

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