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Do you believe in life without Earth?


I saw this picture of Spiral Galaxy NGC Protected content the Coma Cluster .. and I thought "how could we possibly be the only planet with intelligent (debatable) species?".
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You can zoom in and out .... take a look and try to imagine how enormous it is.

Look at the Antennae galaxies colliding (don't worry, they are 62 million light-years from Earth) ... oh, I wonder what they are taking with them as they are heading towards their doom ..and what will they eventually give birth to.
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Of course I know that this is similar question to "does god exist?"
How could we possibly ever know if we are alone or not?
It comes down to whether you believe .....or not.

When it comes to life in other galaxies .. i am a believer.
How could there not be?

A totally different matter is would they bother swinging by our little planet to obduct few members of human species and flash few lights while doing few laps around our planet. Something tells me that the answer is "not really".

What are your thoughts - are we alone?

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