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Do you know The ROCKING ROME? and. WHY CHOOSE RR?

Rocking Rome is made for anybody that just like you once decided to come to Rome and arriving here found themselves lost in the chaotic “organization” of this country so beautiful in some aspects but so confusing in others.
The objective is to help you making your permanence in Rome as pleasant and least difficult as possible.
RR can offer you free information about:
- tours to various sights in and outside of Rome
- housing
- restaurants/diners/bars
- nightlife in Rome
- climatic differences
- transportation in Rome (cheapest ways to get where ever you need)
- translation service

If you decide to stay longer:
- Job opportunities
- Language courses
- Information about the Roman Universities
- Bureaucracy regarding work and study permits for Italy documents for Universities

What ever question you have don’t hesitate to contact RR there will always be someone out of our group willing and able to advice you.
Of course RR is glad about any help from your side that could render this site better and more efficient.
As long as we will find a way to live this magnificent city at its best.

Why CHOOSE Rocking Rome?

Because we are easy to contact either by mail or by phone or through Facebook and we will always respond promptly to you request.

Because we are 100% reliable

Because Rocking Rome was established by a group of people that were once just like you ‘tourists in Rome’ and later on became real Roman citizens.

Because you deserve to have the best possible time here in Rome during your permanence

Because Rocking Rome will get you the most adapt solutions to your problems thanks to our vast network.

Tourist Consulting
"Because BEING in Rome can mean LIVING Rome"
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