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Doha climate summit ends with little change.

Climate summit at Doha, has concluded without a binding agreement reached on reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. Since the debacle at the Copenhagen summit in December Protected content broke up without agreement on a post-Kyoto climate treaty amid bitter conflicts between the major powers. Heads of government have never gathered to discuss the issue in the past three years, leaving junior ministers and diplomats to head negotiating teams at the subsequent summits at Cancún, Durban, and Doha.
The inability of world leaders to even meet to discuss the climate change crisis represents a devastating indictment of the capitalist system.
Unable to make any progress toward a post-Kyoto agreement, delegates in Doha trumpeted the extension of the Kyoto Protocol for another eight years, until Protected content . However, the treaty is now a very limited agreement, with the US remaining apart and other countries, including Japan, Russia, and Canada, withdrawing. Only the European Union, several non-EU European states, Australia and three former Soviet republics signed on, covering countries responsible for an estimated 15 percent of global emissions.

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